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Monkeys At Large in the Mearns

A Grassic Gibbon, yesterdayCatterline residents have been asked to be on the lookout for monkeys following an escape from a local animal sanctuary.

The Grassic Gibbon Centre announced that a number of their monkeys escaped earlier yesterday afternoon during a 'routine cleaning operation'. Most of them were recaptured almost immediately, but three remain at large.

Grassic Gibbons are small timid animals and are not believed to pose a risk to the public. "They are easily startled and will be more frightened of you than you are of them", said the Grassic Gibbon Centre's Chief Monkey Wrangler, Tom Booker. Nonetheless, members of the public have been urged not to attempt to capture them. "They can become quite vicious if trapped, and have sharp teeth and a surprisingly powerful grip", said Tom. "If you see any of the Grassic Gibbons at large, please contact us as soon as possible and our specially trained Monkey Recapture Squad will respond immediately".

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Creative Makeover Planned for Wind Farm

Wind turbineThe operators of the St John's Hill wind farm have agreed to allow a group of local artists to modify the newly installed turbines so that they make a dramatic statement about mankind and our place in the environment.

Details of the project are being kept under wraps until the unveiling planned for later this year. Rumours that the turbines are to be given yellow blades, an orange hub and a green pylon so they resemble enormous daffodils have been strongly denied.

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Todhead Lighthouse to Become Restaurant

Tod Head LighthousePlans have been submitted to convert Todhead Lighthouse into an upmarket and exclusive restaurant. The building, which has been unused for several years since it stopped being used as an active lighthouse, has been acquired by a local developer who is hoping to capitalise on the stunning location and views and fascinating history of the building to appeal to a very selective clientelle. Although the building's Grade B Listed status imposes some restrictions on what they can do to the external appearance of the lighthouse, they are hoping to be able to use some "imaginative architecture and lighting effects to make a distinctive statement". Whatever that means.

Full details are on Aberdeenshire Council's Planning pages.

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Summer Music Festival

CatFest 2010

Catterline will be the venue for a brand new music festival if plans by a leading concert promoter are approved. Glasgow based JK Promotions have teamed up with the Catterline Gala Association to develop an exciting new idea for community based festivals.

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Ferrari Enter Catterline Carties

Ferrari LogoEvidence of Catterline's growing reputation on the world soapbox cartie stage was dramatically demonstrated today with the announcement that world famous racing car manufacturers Ferrari will be entering a team in this year's Catterline Cartie Challenge.

They have been keeping a close eye on developments in soapbox design and have seen the recent successes of teams such as Lotus and Honda in other events. A spokesman said "We have noted with interest the improvements that some of our rivals have achieved in handling and aerodynamics, not to mention the increased bravery of their drivers, and we attribute this directly to their involvement in events such as the Cadwell Park Gravity Festival, the Belchford Downhill Challenge and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We have decided to compete at Catterline in order to make sure we develop our skills in all areas of our sport."

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