Catterline Gala

Wild West Gala

The Three AmigosYeehaa!!!
Plans for the 2008 gala are well under way, and this year promises to be another memorable event. The Northern Rough Riders wild west re-enactment group will be coming along to do some gun slingin', and there will be all manner of cowboy related malarkey going on during the day, as well as the traditional favourites including the Lucky Duck Chuck, bouncy castles, kids races, tug of war and the finest teas and cakes known to mankind.
This year's Gala will be on Saturday 14th June, so put it in your diaries now!
Bullet holes

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Gala Fund Donations

Money bagsThe Gala Committee allocated some of the surplus from the 2007 gala at their last meeting. The following gifts were made;
Dunnottar Bodgers Group - £150
Catkins After School Club - £150
Catterline Playing Field shed repairs - £50
There is still £150 available to go to local projects and groups. If you know of any worthy causes please either speak to a member of the Gala Committee or by send us an email.
And don't forget the Community Council Project Grants will be coming up soon too.
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Gala Fund

Some money, yesterday.The accounts from the 2007 Catterline Gala have been tallied and it seems that we made a profit on the weekend of £710.43. This is despite the fact that we spent rather more than usual on entertainment for the day and also acquired sundry bits of equipment such as spot lights, extension leads, etc as a resource for future galas and other community events, etc.
After having put aside enough money to launch next year's gala, we have a surplus that we're planning to give away to local groups, projects, etc. The initial fund is £500 in total, with the possibility of more being made available in spring 2008. The initial £500 will be divvied up at the next Gala meeting (7th Feb 2008), and we are now inviting applications from local groups and individuals who would like to be considered for a share of that money. Applications should be made in the first place by either speaking to a member of the Gala Committee or by sending us an email.
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Gala Ceilidh Band Booked

Cabrach playing at the Aqua Ceilidh

Cabrach - booked for the 2008 Catterline Gala

One of the most important components of the 2008 Catterline Gala is already in place.
Cabrach - the band that played at this year's ceilidh - did such great job of getting us all up and dancing that they were the obvious choice for next year, so we've asked them to play for us in 2008. They're really pleased to be invited back and are excited to be joining us again.
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New Faces on Gala Committee

The first meeting of the 2008 Gala Committee was held last Thursday, and four new members were welcomed onto the team. Laura, Lottie, Lynne and Karen have all joined the team to replace Catherine and Gillian.
Next year's gala will be held on Saturday 14th June.
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