Catterline Gala

Lucky Duck Chuck

Lucky Duck Chuck
Trebuchet Meisters Stephen, Pete and Ricky let fly while the crowd watches on
"Do you fancy a duck?"
No - this is not a disturbing proposition, but a phrase that could be heard all over Catterline in the weeks before the Gala.
Every gala and fund raiser has a duck race these days, but Catterline, still one step ahead of the rest, has the world's first and only "Lucky Duck Chuck". We throw numbered plastic ducks from the "Catterpult" (which , strictly speaking, is actually a trebuchet), and the person whose duck goes the furthest wins the £100 first prize.
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Committee Members contact details:

Steph Rodger 01569 750297

Nigel King 01569 750273

Carys Thomas 07973563017

Andy Mayes 07539 109775

Ben Gowland  07890 927602
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Gala Fund

Catterline Gala has a healthy surplus of funds, which means that we now have a small amount of money available for local projects and causes.
Donations have in the past been made for the following projects/organisations;
  • Replacement windows in Village storage shed
  • Donation to Catterline Coastal Rowing group
  • Catterline Fishing Competition
  • Catterline Bike Ride
In previous years:
  • Purchase of party marquee for village use.
  • Purchase of Annette Stephen painting for appreciation by village
  • Kinneff Village Hall. £1000 towards providing disabled toilets.
  • Stonehaven First Responders. £150 to by buy waterproofs and boots for their volunteers.
  • Village Notice Board. The delapidated old notice board outside the school has been replaced with a brand new one which is both lockable and weatherproof.
  • Village barbecue. We bought a community barbecue for use by anyone in and around Catterline. Details on how to arrange a loan of it will be published in the near future, but in the mean time contact the gala committee if you want to get a shot.
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Catterline Cartie Challenge

Catterline Cartie Challenge
The road used for the Catterline Cartie Challenge was severely damaged by storms in 2012 and has not yet been repaired, so it is currently not possible to run the event.

Catterline Cartie Challenge
The Catterline Cartie Challenge is grateful for the support of;
Connons of Stonehaven

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