Catterline Gala

Community Trust Meeting

Catterline BayPublic meeting in The Creel Inn to present Catterline Gala Committee's plan to form a Community Trust, and to listen to what you think as well. We hope you'll be able to join us and find out some more about what we have in mind.

Catterline Community Trust

Catterline BayOver the past few years we have expanded the Catterline Gala with the addition of the Cartie Challenge and the Talent Show, but recent legislation changes mean that, as well as taking on the extra work (which we don't mind), we are also taking on other financial and legal liabilities. In order to give us some form of protection, and also to put the Gala on a more solid foundation, we would like to set up a company limited by guarantee to run the Gala.

Cartie Highlights Video

I've finally go around to doing something constructive with the pictures and videos taken at this year's Cartie Challenge and have produced a short highlights video. You can view it right here , or on YouTube. Enjoy.

Gala Fund

It's taken a while to get around to a final published figure, but the Gala Fund now stands at £2394. We've already given a few small grants out, including £150 to the Gardening Club to put planters around the village, and £70 to cover the hosting fees for Catterline Online for the next two years.
We are still keen to hear of any other suggestions for local projects that are looking for funding, so if you have any ideas for projects or suggestions for worthy recipients then please do let us know.
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Catterline Gala

A PirateAvast behind! Shiver me timbers! Prepare to be boarded ye scurvy sea dogs! Yaaaaaar!

All manner of piratey shenanigans are going to give Catterline Gala a distinctly salty tang this year. Join in the fun by coming dressed as a pirate, visit Treasure Island, take part in the one-legged race, or just wander about saying "Yaaaaaaaarrrrr" a lot.

As ever, the Gala will be on the second weekend in June, which will be the 8th this year. All the traditional favourites will be there, including stalls, cakes and teas, bouncy castle, cartie display, Lucky Duck Chuck, plus loads of new attractions.

Put it in your diary now - Catterline Gala - Saturday 9th June 2007.

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