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Exhibition of New Paintings

From the Watchie, by Stuart BuchannanExhibition of new Paintings At the Creel Inn by Stuart Buchanan until the end of June 2010.

Exhibition opens with a small reception on Sunday 9th May at 3.30pm – all welcome.

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7th Creel Inn Golf Outing

Sat & Sun 31st July & 1st August – Piperdam, Dundee.

Names behind bar please

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Aberdeen Real Ale Festival

The 24th Great Grampian Beer Festival - Friday 4th June

  • Bus leaves 4.15pm from Creel
  • Returning from Pittodrie at 10.30pm
  • Curry after at Creel 11pm
  • Names behind bar please
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Open Air Music – Manosanta

Tuesday 25th May 7.30pm Open Air Music at the Creel Inn - Manosanta

"Manosanta evokes the old poets, tangos and milongas from Buenos Aires, the swaying hips of cumbia, the urban rhythms of Marseille"

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