Local Phone Directory Project

A phoneAs many of you will already be aware, a locally-produced telephone directory exists which for many, is a convenient alternative to finding a local contact in the big BT book.

The directory is produced as a collaborative venture between Catterline and Kinneff Primary Schools to boost the funds which specifically finance transport for school trips, Christmas presents for the pupils and many other such items which add that extra sparkle to the education of our local children.

Last produced in 2002, the directory is badly in need of updating. We hope to have copies ready for sale at the Catterline Gala on Saturday 9 June 2007. In order to bring the publication into the 21st century, we plan to include email contacts for the first time, as an optional extra (but a maximum of two per household only due to restrictions on space).

If you would like to be included in the revised edition, you can submit your details in one of many ways:

  • Complete the online form available here.
  • Complete and return the attached form (19KB PDF) either directly to Catterline School, Kinneff School, or via one of the school pupils whom you know.
  • Email your details to Fiona Carr, or phone her on 439.

Phone Book Details Form18.73 KB