Monkeys At Large in the Mearns

A Grassic Gibbon, yesterdayCatterline residents have been asked to be on the lookout for monkeys following an escape from a local animal sanctuary.

The Grassic Gibbon Centre announced that a number of their monkeys escaped earlier yesterday afternoon during a 'routine cleaning operation'. Most of them were recaptured almost immediately, but three remain at large.

Grassic Gibbons are small timid animals and are not believed to pose a risk to the public. "They are easily startled and will be more frightened of you than you are of them", said the Grassic Gibbon Centre's Chief Monkey Wrangler, Tom Booker. Nonetheless, members of the public have been urged not to attempt to capture them. "They can become quite vicious if trapped, and have sharp teeth and a surprisingly powerful grip", said Tom. "If you see any of the Grassic Gibbons at large, please contact us as soon as possible and our specially trained Monkey Recapture Squad will respond immediately".

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