It's Starting To Look Like a Boat...

Week 18 – 22 Jan 2012

All Hands On Deck “Wow it’s starting to look like a boat.”, Brendan Hall, Catterline boat builder

Six people were flat out on Sunday and were very productive.  Both planks #2 were bevelled and prepared for plank 3.  The component parts of plank 4 were scarphed.  The blades on the first two oars were worked on to start getting the blades into shape. Then there was a big epoxy session with two more oars glued up and two planks glued into position (plank #3).

This week coming we have a visit from the P6/P7 class of Catterline Primary School on Friday.  They  will be put to work as well as learning about the project.

Hopefully the planks 4 can be glued together, which will allow them to be attached next Sunday.

I forgot to report last week that we had our first lost time injury.  Whilst cleaning up excess glue, a finger managed to get in the way of a chisel.  A hospital visit was not required but a plaster was. 

This week, we somehow had glue in teenager hair.  The unfortunate was spotted trying to rinse his hair with water at the tap.  When challenged, he explained his predicament and then looked very concerned, when it was pointed out that we are using water insoluble glue for this boat. The question, “So what do I do?” followed.  The response ”cut it out” had his fellow teenager in stitches.

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