Boat Building Progress

Week 16 – 8 Jan 2012

The battle to get plank 2 recommenced after the Christmas Break.  A slow afternoon to ensure that the planks fit perfectly, complicated by a slight error on plank 1, which means there is a slight bulge in the bow.  However this should be minimal.

Whilst the plankers were scratching their heads, the oars were started and the blades for the first two were glued to the shafts.  There will be plenty of planing to come.

Week 17 – 15 Jan 2012

The two plank # 2s (port and starboard) were glued in position on the Friday and Sunday sessions.  All the head scratching and tweaking seems to have paid off as the planks both sat easily and snugly with  the garboard (plank #1).  The process just has to be repeated for the next four planks. 

In preparation, the components of plank 3 were glued together, so plank 3 will be ready to be fitted this coming week.  Scarphing of the remaining planks will also be needed, so that we are not held up by the preparation of these planks.

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