Creel Inn Farewell

Hi All,

Many of you will have no doubt heard my time at the Creel has come to an end ... 10 yrs is more than enough for any mortal soul!

I have really enjoyed my time at the Creel and Catterline, meeting many new friends.

We have experienced much together on this small part of life's journey; midnight cartie races, burns suppers, cocktail nights, ale fest buses & suppers, golf outings, meals, whisky tasting, darts, bottle walking, musicians, birthdays, anniversaries, friendships, marriages, births, bereavements and much more.

Most important was the sense of community a pint and friendship, thank you to everyone, I shall not forget.

Please note everyone is invited for a farewell drink on January 21st some time after 8.30pm. No Hot Ashes are playing and we will have some of the now famous post ale fest red Thai curry to soak it all up.

All the best in the future to everyone and new owners Marc & Fiona Dawson.

Cheers Robert

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