Catterline Boat Building Progress - Week 6

Tim Leitch joined the crew to lift the  number of people who have worked on the boat to 8.  So far over 70 hours have been given to the project.  The estimate build time is 600 - 800 hours, which means the first 10% has been done.  

All 36 planks have been cut out of the plywood sheets.  The task of planing off the tabs that held the planks to the sheets has been done on most of the planks. These 8 foot planks then need to be joined (scarphed) together to create the twenty+ foot planks that go onto the boat

The first scarph to join the planks was prepared.  This requires marking off 6 cm on the ends of the two adjoining planks.  One plank is flipped over and then placed on top of the first plank.  The end of the top plank is then aligned with the 6 cm line of the bottom plank. The two planks are then clamped to the table and the ends are planed down to provide identical scarphs on the two ends.  The top plank is then flipped back over and aligned with the lower one.  The first scarph was discovered not to fit perfectly, but a little more planing will get it right.

Sounds complicated but once seen is easy.  This has to be repeated 24 times to join the 36 planks from the plywood sheets into 12 (six on each side) twenty+ foot planks.

Rob has ordered kiln dried larch for the hog, stems and other components from MacDougall and Masson.  The wood should be available for collection on Friday. 

Next sessions

Meet on Sunday afternoons at 2ish and on Friday mornings at 10.

Next Tasks 

  • Collect wood from MacDougall & Masson (once it is ready.)
  • Prepare the hog
  • Prepare moulds for laminating the stems
  • Laminate the stems


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