Something Boat Shaped

Boat Frame CompleteWith gaining confidence, progress is picking up.  With Rob, Chris Anstock and Nick Dawson able to work on both Friday and Sunday (with Stephen Hall joining), there has been a big step forward.  The moulds are now all set up and we have the shape of the boat, albeit upside down. All of the work so far has been preparation, as all the work has involved bits of wood that will not remain in the completed boat.  But now we are almost ready to start the actual building.

There was some head scratching when the laser beam shone through the pre-drilled alignment holes on 9 of the moulds, but not the tenth.  After checking, double-checking and triple-checking, the crew were pretty sure that the alignment holes on Frame 10, where in the wrong place.  This was finally proved by taking the measurements off the plans which proved the moulds are correctly set. 

The first gluing has taken places on the frames.

Iain Buchan has kindly supplied some fine pieces of oak, which will go into the boat.  Rob has passed an order to MacDougall & Masson for kiln dried larch for the keel, oars and other bits. Mr MacDougall has kindly offered to "see what he can do" to help us in terms of price and may cut the wood for free - which also saves us a considerable amount of time.

Next sessions

meet on Sunday afternoons at 2ish and on Friday mornings at 10.

Next Tasks

  • Clean up the frames and the frame ends.
  • Collect wood from MacDougall & Masson (once it is ready.)
  • Prepare the hog
  • Prepare moulds for laminating the stems
  • Laminate the stems


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