Boat Building Progress - Week 3

A small select group pressed on and has cut out all the moulds from the plywood sheets. The first mould (#2) is attached to a spall and sitting on the base frame. It gives the first outline of the hull shape. Spalls for all the moulds have been cut. The big decision of the week was which direction the boat should point in. After a cup of tea and chocolate digestives, we came to the conclusion that the bow should point to the door.

More hands would be welcome.

Next sessions

  • meet on Sunday afternoons at 2ish and on Friday mornings at 10.

Next Tasks

  • Set up the moulds, packing tape on edges of moulds (to stop the planks sticking to them).
  • Gluing of the frames
  • Make a decision on type of wood for hog, keel and stems and acquire if necessary. (unless opinions are forthcoming, Rob will make an executive position)


  • Pick up oak from Iain Buchan, who has kindly offered oak off cuts for the boat.
  • RP to buy fire extinguisher
  • ¬†Start blog on Catterline.Org
  • Collect plastic tubs
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