Cartie Challenge Rounds Off Great Gala Weekend

The Petrotechnics Bull at Catterline Gala Karaoke, cowboys and carties combined to create a memorable gala in Catterline last weekend. The few occasional showers were not enough to dampen the spirits of the villagers as they enjoyed three days of fun and festivities from Friday night’s “Talent in the Tent” through to Sunday’s renowned Catterline Cartie Challenge.

“Talent in the Tent” – an informal evening of quizzes, karaoke and dancing - kicked off the festivities and gave young and old a chance to relax and have fun. The kids delighted by MC Tommy as he distributed sweeties and glow sticks while the grown ups sampled the real ales provided by CAMRA award winning landlord of the Creel Inn and the Marine Hotel, Robert Lindsay.

The theme of Saturday’s Gala was the Wild West, with the eye-catching “Catterline Saloon”, created from materials kindly donated by Deeside Timber, providing the perfect backdrop to the Northern Roughriders as they delighted the crowds with their displays of gunslinging and bar room brawling while the brave or foolhardy tried to stay atop the mechanical rodeo bull generously sponsored by Petrotechnics. The day was brought to an end with the spectacular Lucky Duck Chuck which sees 500 plastic ducks fired from a medieval catapult, followed – to the delight of all the children – by hundreds of sweets.

Catterline Cartie Challenge 08 The weekend was rounded off in grand style by the 4th Catterline Cartie Challenge. 26 carties, some of which had travelled over 400 miles to take part, hurtled down the brae from the Creel Inn to the pier. The course - recently improved by resurfacing work carried out courtesy of WM Donald – was exciting for both drivers and spectators alike, with a mixture of slalom sections and chicanes making for challenging driving and ensuring the thrills and spills that the spectators enjoy so much. The courageous drivers of all manner of weird and wonderful designs, including no less than three covered wagons and a norman church, were cheered on by the spectators as they fought for the honour of being presented with the Connons Shield. “Tequilla Slammer MkIII” took the early lead but slipped to fourth place after the second round when “The Auld Alliance”, “Black Bomber” and “Bandit” all recorded faster times. Tequilla Slammer came back in the third round with a blistering 33.03 second run – the shortest time of the day – but also picked up a 5 second penalty in the chicane to give The Auld Alliance’s Robert Lindsay a well deserved victory with a time of 33.90 seconds. Robert celebrated in the traditional way – by soaking the crowd in champagne!


Connons Shield
The Auld Alliance
Constructors Trophy
Once a Fortnight is Quite Enough

Best Engineered
The Rough Superior
Cartie Sprint
Belchford Challenger
Furthest Travelled
Belchford Challenger (417 miles)
Champagne Moment
St Mary’s
Best Decorated
The Knitting Club
Great Cartie Race Award
“Power slide” Lynne

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