Ferrari Enter Catterline Carties

Ferrari LogoEvidence of Catterline's growing reputation on the world soapbox cartie stage was dramatically demonstrated today with the announcement that world famous racing car manufacturers Ferrari will be entering a team in this year's Catterline Cartie Challenge.

They have been keeping a close eye on developments in soapbox design and have seen the recent successes of teams such as Lotus and Honda in other events. A spokesman said "We have noted with interest the improvements that some of our rivals have achieved in handling and aerodynamics, not to mention the increased bravery of their drivers, and we attribute this directly to their involvement in events such as the Cadwell Park Gravity Festival, the Belchford Downhill Challenge and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We have decided to compete at Catterline in order to make sure we develop our skills in all areas of our sport."

But they are not taking the challenge lightly. "We know we will be competing on a technically difficult course against very experienced teams, but we have a good driver and we think we can do well." Ferrari have decided not to risk 2007 Formula One World Drivers' Champion Kimi Räikkönen however. "He really wanted to drive, but we put our foot down and said 'No - the Slammer is just too mental even for you, Kimi'." Instead they will be giving a chance to one of their young test drivers - the little known but immensely talented Ralf Lopio. "Ralf is just perfect for the rigours of driving at Catterline. He is young and fit so has the advantage of faster reactions and lower body mass over many of the more experienced drivers, but he also has absolutely no sense of personal danger, and we can pay him in Baccardi Breezers".