Boat Building Begins... sort of

Catterline Coastal Rowing Club started boat building started on Sunday - 11th September 2011.

Boat building might be slightly misleading, but much important discussion on the project took place. Some bits of wood were cut for the support frame. Most effort went into putting up a board on the well, which now has the boat plans pinned on it. This exercise served to prove the requirement to measure three times and cut once rather than measure once and cut three times! All the parts of the kit are now labelled and the components of the support frame were cut.

It was agreed to meet on Sunday afternoons at 2ish and on Friday mornings at 10.

Next Tasks:

  • Build support frame.
  • Cut out frames, moulds and clamps from plywood sheets
  • Prepare frames
  • Make a decision on type of wood for hog, keel and stems and acquire if necessary.
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