Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing

Scrooge and Marley Canny Act's panto this year: "Bah! Humbug!" brought a much needed ray of sunshine and warmth to this icy corner of the North East on Saturday.

Playing to packed houses for both performances, the great Charles Dickens tale was retold in a way only Canny Act can. Keeping true to core of the story Phil Murray's Scrooge was a commanding presence throughout the show.Children leaving the village hall at the end of the performance were heard repeating his barking "Bah Humbug" much to their amusement.

Written by Chris Rodger the show romped through the famous fable at a fair lick, with able support from Debbie Murray as Cratchitt,and the five strong chorus, playing various parts (workers,bodies,skeletons.etc)

The introduction of a certain legendary reggae star (Marley) brought the house down as Denis Garden and his fabulous Wailers brought Jamaican sunshine to Kinneff with a wonderful version of what developed into the show's theme "One Love"

Cantlay. Camp. Disco, Reggae, and Ska numbers were sung with aplomb driven by a five piece band. So often local productions struggle with poor singing. Not so in Canny Act. Vibrant and witty numbers were all sung with confidence lifting the audience far away from the cold outside.

The three Dames (Ceri Webster, Karen Hales and Chris Rigby) pulled off a fine balance between the pathos of the original story and the knockabout comedy of a pantomime. The Rat stuffing and Schoolroom scene providing plenty of laughs.

The high spot was Scrooge's scene where he meets Death (a wonderfully resigned yet totally camp performance from Jock Cantlay) The singing of a unique take on Eric Idle's "Not Yet Dead" with the chorus of bodies was immaculate, both hilarious and delightful.

Rosie Rosie Hall made her Canny Act debut as Tiny Tim and pulled off a delightful and attention grabbing solo of "Somewhere Out There" with confidence and real stage presence. Local school children performed a hilarious puppet sketch, whilst the P5,6,7 from Catterline performed a new carol written for the show with great expression.

One local resident described the show as "The highlight of her year" It would be hard to argue with that assessment.

In terms of getting the show on, a true community effort, from Electrical work (Ewing Welsh) Snow clearing (Dave Drinkwater) set build (Ian Rennie) Transport (John Vaughan, Debbie Murray) and no doubt many more to ensure the show went ahead.

Thanks Canny Act, and thanks to all those in the Community that support them in whatever way. Well Done!

Lunchtime O'Marley

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