Gala 2005

The 2005 Gala was a mixture of old and new - regular favourites mixed with new additions to create an absolutely fantastic day!
We got off to an unusual start when our guest presenter, Grampian TV’s Cheryl Paul, was carried off by the Vikings of the Marr Agus Fibh Re-enactment Society. Apparently this was not the first time that Cheryl has been carried off by Vikings, and she soon returned. The Vikings seemed to be relatively unscathed by the experience and soon recovered their composure to provide a fascinating display of every day viking life in their tented encampment.
The packed schedule continued with a kids fancy dress competition and a display of Scottish Country Dancing from the children of Catterline Primary, who performed the Witches’ Reel and The Flying Scotsman (complete with train whistle noises!).
All the entrants in the inaugural Catterline Cartie Challenge brought their home made carties along to show to everyone. Their fantastic machines were paraded around the ring before being parked in the display area so that everyone could take a closer look at them, vote for their favourite and try to guess who would win the time trials scheduled for the following day. David Evans won the "Best Decorated" prize for his fantastic "Red Baron", and Stephen Hall’ "Greased Weasel" scooped the "Best Engineered" award.
Soon after that, the Vikings put on their armour and left their encampment to give a thrilling and spectacular combat display using real spears, swords, knives and axes, including the 5 foot long daneaxe - a truly terrifying weapon.
When they had finished shouting and battering each other with large metal objects, they put down their weapons and accepted a challenge of a tug of war from the Gentlemen of the Village. Since viking footwear does not have heels, the tug of war was done barefoot, with the home side (despite their local knowledge) giving away a further advantage by choosing to pull up hill. The tug was well fought, with the Vikings initially having the upper hand. However, the Gentlemen dug in and the Vikings, perhaps as a result of their earlier exertions on the battlefield, began to tire and slowly started to loose ground. The Gentlemen pushed (pulled?) home their advantage and finally took the day.
Elsewhere another even more keenly fought competition was taking place. The Veggie Viking competition, a challenge to make a viking (or something vaguely vikingy) from fruit and vegetables, was judged by Vicki the Viking. The standards of the entries was extremely high, and she found it very diffivult to pick a winner, but she eventually chose the splendid Viking long boat, complete with crew, oars and a red cabbage leaf sail, made by Katie Steel.
The grand finale of the day was the Lucky Duck Chuck - a new spin on an old favourite. Catterline Gala has had a Duck Race for many years, but this time we thought we’d try something different. Using the trebuchet built last year by Stephen Hall, we launched nearly 500 plastic ducks into the air, with the person who had bought the duck that went the furthest winning £100!! This year’s winning duck belonged to Anne-Marie Rennie, and went nearly 80 feet.
And so came to an end a truly enjoyable day, and willing hands turned to the task of gathering up the scattered ducks and preparing the marquee for the evening’s ceilidh, dancing to the music of Hogtie.