Catterline Coastal Rowing Club

Rowing Practice

The first practice session in preparation for the Loch Venachar Freshwater Sprints will be taking place at 2pm on Saturday 5th October at Stonehaven Harbour.
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Loch Venachar Freshwater Sprints

the little bustardWe’re planning to take the Spirit of Catterline in the Freshwater Sprints at Loch Venachar (near Callander) on Saturday 26th October. This regatta is a very accessible event and a good introduction to racing, and is aimed at new rowers and clubs. There are several different classes (men, women, mixed, novice, juniors, etc). We’d love to involve as many people as we can and we are hoping we’ll find enough people to make up more than one crew, as well as a substantial band of supporters.


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Spirit of Catterline to be Launched Next Weekend

The Spirit of Catterline At last! After finishing off some final details, Spirit of Catterline is now ready to be launched!

She will be on display at the Catterline Gala on Saturday 8th June, and will be launched on Sunday 9th at around 3:30 pm.

You are invited to come and watch her slip into the water. We also hope that we will be able to get several people into the boat to have a row.

As the road down to the harbour is closed, we are planning to walk the boat down to Catterline harbour on Sunday. Work is on-going on the road, so we will be checking that the road is passable on Friday. Please do not drive down to the harbour.

Massive thanks to all of everyone who has worked on the boat, whether for one or a hundred hours, and also those who have supported the project. Without you all, we would have never got so far.

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News from the Boat Shed

Happy New Year! 

Progress has been slow over the last few months, but the boat is getting closer to completion.  It is only really the painting that still has to be done.

The big turnouts of the first part of the year did not happen this autumn.  We lost a few people due to other commitments and, I guess, cleaning the excess glue off the hull is never as much fun as adding another plank.  However a few souls have stuck at it and we now have a boat ready to be painted, along with a set of oars and a rudder.  The seats and gunwales have been oiled and the wood looks good.

We still need your help – especially painters

Boatbuilders are still meeting 2-5pm on Sunday afternoons

To get the boat painted, it would be great to get a midweek group going.  This could be either an evening session or during the day.  We have six coats of paint to put on the interior and external of the boat, along with rubbing down between coats.  With the large wood burner and insulation, the boat building shed is reasonably warm.

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Ready for the Gala and watching a Catterline boat builder in the Pageant

Thames Diamond Jubilee PageantNext Saturday afternoon, the unfinished and unnamed boat will be at the Gala.  Having inspected the boat, please help choose the boat’s name.  We will also have a work bench and a handful of planes for you to do a bit of boatbuilding.

The boat builders ventured out of the shed on Sunday afternoon to get a trailer for the boat's first journey and to cheer Brendan Hall on the River Thames.

Firstly Rob and Doug Mowat’s plastic fishing boat had to be lifted off the trailer.  In preparation it was cleaned out and the water drained out of the bilge.  After starting, using a pump, with three people sitting on the stern to tilt the boat, it was realised that the exercise could be completed by the propping the boat up and siphoning the bilge with a piece of hose pipe – allowing time for a bit of a tidy up in the shed.

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