2006 Cartie Challenge

The Black Pig sails serenly by

Another flat spot for the Weasel's back wheels

Forbenaut negotiates The Slammer on three wheels

The Lemming threw itself over the edge...

Thunderbirds are Go!

Injuries to two competitors and one marshal took the shine and otherwise perfect day at the second Catterline Cartie Challenge. After completing his first and only run in the very respectable time of 36.71 seconds, Fraser Martin lost control of the Barras Bounty and crashed heavily in the run off area. Marshals and First Aiders were on the scene in seconds and after an initial examination it was thought that he had just landed heavily and been winded. However, he was taken first to Stonehaven and then to ARI as a precaution, and there it was found that he had fractured his right shoulder blade and burst a lung. This information only became known well after the Cartie Challenge had finished, and after his crash had been voted the "Champagne Moment" for the most memorable incident of the day. In one of the very last runs of the day, David Clayton also crashed his cartie (Forbenaut) in the run off area, knocking over finish marshal Karen Hales in the process. His injuries were not thought to be serious at the time, but a chipped humerus was later diagnosed. Karen received some heavy bruising but was otherwise unhurt.
But all of this was in the future when at 10.00 on an absolutely glorious Sunday morning a small band of volunteers gathered to set out the course, put up banners and bunting, erect the control tent, set up the timing system and the PA, fire up the generators, mark out the pits and get everything ready for the 2006 Catterline Cartie Challenge. The opening address to the teams at 12.30 gave the drivers all the important information (green light means go; air horn means stop), and while the marshals were being briefed and split into teams to deal with the various jobs needed to keep the day running smoothly, the competitors had a chance to walk the course and also to vote for the "Best Engineered" award.
The running order had been picked at random well in advance, so it was completely by chance that the cartie lined up to take the very first run was Elijah - the Supreme Champion from last year. At 1.30pm on the dot the start signal changed from red to green and the Chariots of Fire team gave Byron and their cartie a mighty push down the hill. Seconds later Byron and the cartie were upside down under a pile of tyres, and the newly laid course had claimed its first victim. The first corner - known as "The Slammer" after the cartie that was mangled there last year - had been redesigned to be a much greater test of both driver and cartie alike and could not be taken at full speed as Byron had attempted.
Next up was Michael of the "Roadside Raiders" driving "The Smell of Fear", and he suffered the same fate as Byron. When the third cartie, "The Auld Alliance" driven by last year's second placed driver Robert, also ended up in the tyre wall it became apparent to all the teams that the new Slammer was a work of evil genius and they rapidly revised their race strategies accordingly. It was clear to everyone that this year's winner was going to have to do a little more than just hang on to the cartie as it screamed down the hill - this year it was going to be a true test of skill and bottle.
It wasn't until the fourth run - Kate Mackie driving "The Bandit" - that anyone recorded a clean run, and her time of 32.59 set the early pace until pushed into second by "Once a fortnight is plenty", and then into third when the Tequila Slammer's time of 30.78 took over a second off "Once a fortnight's" time of 32.28.
At the end of the first run there were still three of the fastest carties yet to produce a competitive run, including last year's first and second placed machines, and with the teams learning from their first run experiences there was still everything to play for. Last year's champion driver Douglas Mowat, taking over at the wheel of Elijah from Byron McKibben, immediately raised the pressure by taking second place from "Once a fortnight" with a 31.31 second run, but he wasn't in second place long as both Robert Lindsay on "The Auld Alliance", Crystal Tips on "The Bandit",and Lee on the "Tequila Slammer" all registered times of 31.03 seconds. However, nobody seemed to be capable of beating Tequila Slammer's pole time of 30.78 until "Once a fortnight" set off on their second run. Accompanied by his team's theme tune - "My old man's a dustman", and clearly working very hard to hold the cartie on the track at the Slammer, Duncan Talbert became the first driver to break the 30 second barrier with a truly brilliant run of 29.37 seconds. At the end of the second run "Once a fortnight" was nearly 2 seconds in front of The Auld Alliance and the The Bandit and The Bandit, who were all on 31.03 seconds.
Clearly something very special was going to be needed to knock "Once a fortnight" off the top slot, but with every team getting just one more go there was still a chance to post a faster time and snatch vistory at the last gasp. Robert became the second into the "sub 30" club, but was only fast enough to take second place. Jim Marshall put everything into "Once a fortnight's" final run but the cartie couldn't quite take the strain and the front offside fork collapsed under the cornering load at the Slammer, consigning it to an ignominious end to the competition - nose first into the tyre wall. With "Once a fortnight" registering a "dnf" for the final run, the Tequila Slammer had the perfect opportunity to snatch both the Connons Shield and the Constructor's Trophy at the very last. They became only the third team to break the 30 second barrier, but although their final time of 29.96 was enough to clinch the Constructors Trophy it only consolidated their third place in the chase for the Connons Shield.
Full Results (61Kb PDF)
Connons Shield (Supreme Champion)
Pos. Cartie Fastest 2nd Fastest Slowest Diff.
1 Once a fortnight is plenty 29.37 32.28 DNF
2 The Auld Alliance 29.65 31.03 54.31 + 0.28 + 0.28
3 Tequila Slammer 29.96 30.78 31.03 + 0.31 + 0.59
4 Elijah 31.00 31.31 46.34 + 1.04 + 1.63
5 The Bandit 31.03 32.59 32.87 + 0.03 + 1.66
6 The Dragster 31.93 32.00 32.9 + 0.90 + 2.56
7 Maniac 1 32.75 33.34 35.84 + 0.82 + 3.38
8 The Lemming 33.25 34.65 47.53 + 0.50 + 3.88
9 Forbenaut 34.43 37.93 41.56 + 1.18 + 5.06
10 Greased Weasel II 35.03 36.25 37.34 + 0.60 + 5.66
11 The Smell of Fear 35.71 35.93 44.68 + 0.68 + 6.34
12The Barras Bounty36.71Retired+ 1.00+ 7.34
13 The Black Pig 42.75 48.68 53.12 + 6.04 + 13.38
14 Slimer 43.31 45.43 48.34 + 0.56 + 13.94
15 Lesley Redux 47.46 47.56 62.62 + 4.15 + 18.09
16 Thunderbird II 49.03 70.62 99.43 + 1.57 + 19.66
Noonsta Mobile
 + 30.25
18 Poopy's Whizzer Withdrawn
Constructors Trophy
Pos. Cartie Runs Agg. Diff.
1 Tequila Slammer 3 91.77
2 The Bandit 3 96.49 + 4.72 + 4.72
3 The Dragster 3 96.83 + 0.34 + 5.06
4 Maniac 1 3 101.93 + 5.10 + 10.16
5 Greased Weasel II 3 108.62 + 6.69 + 16.85
6 Elijah 3 108.65 + 0.03 + 16.88
7 Forbenaut 3 113.92 + 5.27 + 22.15
8 The Auld Alliance 3 114.99 + 1.07 + 23.22
9 The Lemming 3 115.43 + 0.44 + 23.66
10 The Smell of Fear 3 116.32 + 0.89 + 24.55
11 Slimer 3 137.08 + 20.76 + 45.31
12 The Black Pig 3 144.55 + 7.47 + 52.78
13 Lesley Redux 3 157.64 + 13.09 + 65.87
14 Thunderbird II 3 219.08 + 61.44 + 127.31
15 Once a fortnight is plenty 2 61.65
16 The Barras Bounty 1 36.71
17 Noonsta Mobile 1 79.28
18 Poopy's Whizzer 0
Best Engineered
Pos. Cartie Points
1 The Lemming 25
2 The Bandit 20
3 Tequila Slammer 12
Cartie Sprint
Pos. Cartie
1 The Dragster
2 The Barras Bounty
3 The Black Pig
Best Decorated
Pos. Cartie
1 Thunderbird II
2 The Black Pig
3 The Barras Bounty
Champagne Moment
The Barras Bounty