The Great Catterline Cartie Race

Every year, an prize is awarded for the most memorable moment at the Catterline Cartie Challenge. This prize - The Champagne Moment - attracts far more than just a bottle of fizz to spray over the spectators. The winner of this prize gets something far more - immortality in song!

The original song was written in 2007 by Dave Ramsay and Dave Evans and performed as part of the live recording of the Catterline Connections CD in April 2008. Now Dave Ramsay pens a new verse each year to capture the events of the day and featuring the Champagne Moment winner.

The current lyrics are;

The Great Catterline Cartie Race

One winter’s night wi’ a pint in hand, young Dave and Steve a race they planned
The men of the village took it all tae heart, and each one said “We’ll build a cart”
“No engine power or pedal” said they “we’ll just rely on gravity,
We’ll race from the Creel down tae the pier, a white knuckle ride that’s filled wi’ fear”

Doon the brae ye go, and nae be slow, and do battle for first place, OI!!
For it’s noo weel kent it’s a world event, The Great Catterline Cartie Race.

The beer it flowed it wis right tasty, someone mentioned Health and Safety,
Close the road, use bales and tyres, get a fireman’s hose in case o’ fires,
For the Safety Man there wis nae rest, strutting aboot in his big yellow vest,
Diligence due and risks assessed, they all had passed Steve’s safety test.


Now the first year of the Cartie Race, the average time wis nae disgrace,
The Ironing Board and the Barras Bullitt, and one as fast as a Jim Moir pullet,
It’s tyres as bald as Stephen’s heid, the Greased Weasel wis left for deid,
Elijah won, Byron misted, leavin’ Robert Bitter and Twisted.


The second year with four wheels needed, rivalries were fully seeded,
The Black Pig had no trouble at all, but Fraser was sent tae the hospital,
Amongst the noise and a’ the clunkin’ Connon’s trophy went tae Duncan,
Wi’ Robert and Byron second and third, and Thunderbird like a big green turd.


The third year brought us yet more thrills, wi’ the Knitting Club and Barbie Girl,
They introduced the South Row bend, and for some that really wis the end,
Tequila Slammer, Chariots of Fire, the stakes they couldnae get much higher,
But the villagers were a’ put tae shame, ‘cos the Bervie boys had won again.


Great debates took place aboot speed and time, at nights in the Creel roond closing time,
Rivalries twixt kirk and boozer, made the Creel landlord a sorry loser,
Now Robert wanting to save face, threw the challenge doon for a midnight race,
Who wis the winner it wisnae clear, they were blazin’ drunk on wine and beer.


Through the winter nights you’ll hear the din, as carties are made wi’ wood and tin,
Bits o’ bikes and cars and trams, they steal the wheels aff the bairnie’s prams,
The womenfolks are ostracised, as the carties practice aroond Braeside,
The menfolks they mak lots o’ noise, well that’s whit ye get wi’ boys and toys.


It’s the Year of the Catterline Cartie Race, 2008 and it will take place,
Connon’s Trophy for the winner, will this year be a saint or sinner,
When the Gala comes in the month of June, and coincides wi’ a big full moon
The Cartie Crews embrace their fear, and race from the Creel down to the Pier

Ramsay and Evans © December 2007
(Begun on a train journey to London and  finished in Crete)

Recorded live at the Creel Inn Catterline in April 2008, for the Catterline Connections CD (On sale here )

In the Catterline Gala Cartie Race of June 2008, a new trophy was introduced by Dave and Dorothy Ramsay for the event which was most memorable in terms of person / incident / cartie, as voted by the marshalls and stewards. 

June 2008 Winner of the Award: Lynne Fraser 


Now big Stephen Hall left the Marshall’s seat, to Catterline Lynne who’s quite petite,
Wi’ her walkie talkies, pen in hand, at the Allan Searle Bend she took up her stand,
As the racers passed on their way to the pier, to the edge of the slope she got quite near,
For a better view as the carties passed, she slid all the way down upon her a--e(bum.)
(The last line will be amended for live concerts to an adult audience!)

June 2009 Winner of the Award: Mark Currie

Now the pressure was on for record speeds, and it led to thrilling, daring deeds,
A church, and a tank took the Jim Moir Bend, where some Cartie dreams came tae an end,
From the starting grid in a helluva hurry, at the wheel of the Bandit wis Mark Currie,
The stewards fled, the crowd they shrank, as the Bandit ploughed halfway up the bank.

June 2010 Winner of the Award: “Bervie Boy” Roy 

Now the Catterline race was under way, all the thrills and spills of oor Cartie day,
The Champagne Moment of the day, who would win it none could say,
“Bervie Boy” tried to achieve his goal, but the Jim Moir bend again took its toll,
The Red Arrows with manoeuvres bold, were nae match for oor Roy’s victory roll.

June 2011 Winner of the Award:  “Team Rookit”

Noo at this years Catterline Cartie Race, twa boys frae Irvine they took first place,
On Saturday the crowd got drookit, on Sunday the trophies went tae Team Rooket,
Bush’s Bullet and Tickety Boo, and Stephen and Brendan the sidecar crew,
I must hae drunk mair this year well I suppose, ‘cos I’ve jist seen five Marilyn Monroes!!!


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