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General Stuff

This web site is run as a resource for people and organisations in and around Catterline, which is a small village on the east coast of Scotland, about 25 miles south of Aberdeen (map). Although primarily focussed on the Gala and the Cartie Challenge, there is room for pretty much anything of local interest and any contributions you would like to make would be more than welcome. If you have an event you want to publicise, please let us know, or post a message in our "What's On" forum. If you want to chat about something of local or not-so-local interest, log in to our forum and start a discussion topic, or join in with one that is already running. If you have some pictures you want to share, add them to our picture gallery.

Technical Stuff

This website is lovingly hand crafted by someone who clearly has too much free time and not nearly enough sense, and is designed to look as lovely as possible on all manner of computer programs. However, it is hard to anticipate the random way in which many browser will interpret an otherwise perfectly good web site, and if you find that it all looks a bit wonky then I humbly suggest you get Firefox.
This site looks best if you come around to my house and look at it on my computer. Failing that, you should use some form of computing equipment that is attached to the interweb with something a little more technologically advanced than bits of string and gaffer tape. On no account should you attempt to view this site using an old cardboard box with some buttons drawn on the outside.
Comments, criticisms and contributions are welcomed, so if there is anything you would like to add to the site or if there is anything you would like to see featured here, please let us know.
The following pieces of software have been quite helpful in the process of creating and running this siate and, in some cases, are funky enough for me to have wished I had written them;
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