St John's Hill Windfarm Rejected

Following last week's site visit, the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee voted against the plan to build a windfarm behind Kinneff by 7 votes to 4 at their meeting yesterday, on the grounds that the visual impact would be too great.
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Cartie Highlights Video

I've finally go around to doing something constructive with the pictures and videos taken at this year's Cartie Challenge and have produced a short highlights video. You can view it right here , or on YouTube. Enjoy.

Community Quilting

"Stitch and bitch", Catterline style! Wink
Come along a help finish the Community Quilt in time for next summer's Arts Festival.

Sun Shines on Catterline Cyclists

Catterline Cycle Ride This year's Catterline Cycle Ride was blessed with a truly glorious late September Saturday as 15 cyclists had a leisurely pedal around the Mearns, raising money for ChildLine in the process.
Everyone succesfully completed the course, with the fastest coming in at about 2 3/4 hours (although it wasn't a race). There were many comments on how beautiful the views were (although the hill out of Kirkton of Feteresso wasn't quite so popular!). Simon and Allison started out on the "short course" but were enjoying themselves so much that they decided to switch to the "long course" part way around.
Thanks to Jonathan for the pictures.
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Creel Inn Darts Night

Creel Inn Darts NightTo help keep us amused during the long dark nights Robert is running a Darts League on Wednesday evenings.
It'll be a local league for local people, no visiting teams etc ... just for fun ... starts Wed 11th October at 8pm ... running for aprox' 10 weeks with breaks for festive period etc.
Best of 10 weeks with competition format to be decided .. 1st night informal.
See you all there.
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