"Pure Rock Fury" wins Pub Quiz

Quiz Mistress Ceri did us proud with another challenging quiz, and after ten rounds of taxing questions, "Pure Rock Fury" came out in front, narrowly beating "The Feckin' Eeejits" into second place. "We got Crabs at the Creel" were third, and "Piston Broke" got the prize for the best team name.
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Catterline Community Trust

Catterline BayOver the past few years we have expanded the Catterline Gala with the addition of the Cartie Challenge and the Talent Show, but recent legislation changes mean that, as well as taking on the extra work (which we don't mind), we are also taking on other financial and legal liabilities. In order to give us some form of protection, and also to put the Gala on a more solid foundation, we would like to set up a company limited by guarantee to run the Gala.

McKibbens throw true at latest Darts night!

 The Lord of the Arrows made his first appearance at the Creel’s darts evening yesterday - accompanied by his brother - and donned his lucky shirt to aid his throwing skills. The McKibben pair ended up winning both matches in a closely fought competition.
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Catterline Carties Goes National

Catterline Cartie ChallengeThe Catterline Cartie Challenge has been added to the provisional calendar for a new National Soapbox Championship. As well as the usual madness and mayhem, we hope to host several machines that are competing for a National Trophy. We'll still have The normal motley selection of pirate ships, thunderbirds, ironing boards and old bikes lashed together, but they will be competing head-to-head with some seriously hi-tech machines who will be pitting their lust for national glory against the evil genius that is The Slammer.
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Green Butterfly Award for Catterline Community Garden

Catterline wins Green Butterfly Award Catterline Community Garden was presented with a Green Butterfly Award by Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum at their AGM held in Kemnay last week. The Forum presented the awards to groups and individuals who had taken steps to care for the environment in a sustainable way. The garden in Catterline was recognised for encouraging wildlife and providing learning opportunities for local children. The project is organised by local volunteers and aims to create an environment which will encourage wildlife and also be enjoyed be all members of the community. Volunteers also run a Gardening Club where local primary school children can learn about the environment, wildlife and enjoy growing herbs, flowers and vegetables. The club is resting over the summer – although there is still lots of winter jobs to do. Anyone interested in helping, on a regular or occasional basis please call Catherine on 273