Ian and Angus share the honours

Three DartsIan ‘the dart’ dominated last night’s match with two fabulous games - a five and a four dart finish. First to be overwhelmed was the Lord of the Arrows, Byron, who barely had a chance to don his shirt when he was unceremoniously sent back to the bar to get in the next round. Ian set off with a double and continued to score. Byron got off the mark too but when Ian returned to the board he finished with two more darts! That was a taste of things to come.
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Planning Applications

The Community Council have just added a new page to their website to make it easier to find out about local planning applications. Their new Planning Applications page has an interactive map showing the location of current planning applications, using information published in Aberdeenshire Council's Weekly Lists. Markers are shown on the map for each application, and clicking on the markers gives more information and a link to the full plans on Aberdeenshire's planning website.  Go to ckdcc.org.uk for more information.

"Pure Rock Fury" wins Pub Quiz

Quiz Mistress Ceri did us proud with another challenging quiz, and after ten rounds of taxing questions, "Pure Rock Fury" came out in front, narrowly beating "The Feckin' Eeejits" into second place. "We got Crabs at the Creel" were third, and "Piston Broke" got the prize for the best team name.
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Catterline Community Trust

Catterline BayOver the past few years we have expanded the Catterline Gala with the addition of the Cartie Challenge and the Talent Show, but recent legislation changes mean that, as well as taking on the extra work (which we don't mind), we are also taking on other financial and legal liabilities. In order to give us some form of protection, and also to put the Gala on a more solid foundation, we would like to set up a company limited by guarantee to run the Gala.

McKibbens throw true at latest Darts night!

 The Lord of the Arrows made his first appearance at the Creel’s darts evening yesterday - accompanied by his brother - and donned his lucky shirt to aid his throwing skills. The McKibben pair ended up winning both matches in a closely fought competition.
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