SCARED? You should be...

Tequila SlammerStonehaven Carties Annual Race Event - SCARE - will be taking place again this year. The date has ben set as Sunday 9th September, in Mineralwell Park, and entries are now being accepted for Senior and Junior teams. For more details, the Stonehaven Carties web site.

Meanwhile - there are still a few places available for the Catterline Cartie Challenge. If you want to take part this year then make sure you get your entry form in as son as you can, as places are strictly limited - when they're gone, they're gone.

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The Lemming Goes under The Hammer

The LemmingA perfect opportunity for those without the time to build a cartie for this year's Cartie Challenge - buy last year's Best Engineered cartie on eBay !
The Lemming was immortalized on YouTube after its spectacular performance in the 2006 Cartie Challenge, and has a well deserved reputation as being an exceptionally well made and rugged cartie. It has many features that are simply not found on other machines, including;
  • Safety Roll Cage
  • Three point inertia reel seat belt
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Rack & pinion steering system, with adjustable sensitivity
  • Padded seat, on sliding rails for front back adjustment
The reserve price is very reasonable for a machine of such pedigree, especially if you spread the cost between your team members. Factor in not having to spend hours trying to build one yourself whilst enduring all the sighing and eye rolling from the other half and you may get yourself an absolute bargain. And if that isn't enough - the Lemming ushers have very generously agreed to donated half the profit to the Gala Fund.
Click here to see the auction and bid on a piece of Cartie Challenge history.
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Pirates Ahoy!

A PirateAvast behind! Shiver me timbers! Prepare to be boarded ye scurvy sea dogs! Yaaaaaar!

All manner of piratey shenanigans are going to give Catterline Gala a distinctly salty tang this year. Join in the fun by coming dressed as a pirate, visit Treasure Island, take part in the one-legged race, or just wander about saying "Yaaaaaaaarrrrr" a lot.

As ever, the Gala will be on the second weekend in June, which will be the 8th this year. More details will be announced nearer the time.

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Lottie's Xmas Letter


"Well hello everybody! I apologise for not sending a round robin sooner, have just been so busy i haven't had time to come to ICT at all!

well what have we been up to...soooo much i just dont know where to start!We have got a very set routine during the week, on a Monday and Wednesday and Friday we go to the learning centre from 9 until 10 to help out with the kids that are struggling, usually with their English. On a Friday we have an art class with all the learning centre kids which i particularly enjoy. Teaching them portrait was particularly amusing! This isnt happening at the moment though because its the summer holidays for the kids so they arent at school.

Entries Open for Catterline Carties 2007

The first and final voyage of the Barras BountyEntries are now open for the third Catterline Cartie Challenge, which will take place on 9th/10th June 2007 (with inspection of the carties on Sunday 27th May 2007).
As well as our usual competition, we are also planning to host a round of the new National Soapbox Championship. Teams from all over the country will be taking part in a Grand Prix style series of National Championship races, and we'll be inviting them to come up to Catterline to try their luck against our local teams and also try for points towards the first ever National Championship.
If you would like to enter the 2007 Catterline Cartie Challenge, please make sure you are familiar with the rules and then click here to enter online or download an entry form.
We have a maximum of 25 teams, and places will be allocated on a strictly "first come, first served" basis, so get your entry in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.