Letter from Malaysia

LottieHello Everybody!
Hope all is well in sunny Scotland! Having an amazing time here and getting stuck into loads of little projects! Here is a day in the life of us!!The day starts at 7.30 (very respectable I think) get up, have a cold shower as there is no hot water, not very impressive! got to be at the nursery but half eight. Here we are just doing 'general care', as in playing with the kids, singing songs etc etc. Also in the nursery is Ru Yi, a baby who cant speak or walk and none of her muscles work properly but we will have her walking by the end of the year! Kamala, the director of the childrens home has assigned us this project. At ten o'clock we go and see Phoebe, a 6year old who is deaf blind and dumb, we just spend the time with her trying to stimulater her and keep her happy.
Then it is back to the nursery at 11 for some more 'general care'. Lunch is served at 1 in the small girls home, always rice and curry, usually very spicy! We then have a break until 3 when we go to the learning centre to help out there with older kids, about 15/16. Recently though Sister Florence has had us designing posters!(Thats another thing, i get called Sister Lottie (Roti by the young ones), i feel like a nun, its ace!!). After school is finished at 4.30 we go back to the small girls home for some Milo (hot chocolate) and lots of cakes, wayhey!Then at 5 its back to the nursery until dinner at 8ish, curry and rice of course. Then its back to the nursery until bed time, about half 10.
Its not very eventful at the moment but we are slowly picking up a few more things to do each day. Sister Florence is going to have me(Lottie) teaching her art class on a Friday afternoon, aah! Also we have church on a Sunday morning for 3hours. And next week we have to perform a song in front of everyone, Pastor Ernie is forcing us! What else is there to say....ooh, we have our own 3bedroom, 3bathroom house! Its very cool, even though its ant and mouse ridden! We have spent at least 5hours a day of the last week cleaning, it just had to be done! Well I had better be off, we are in the old folks ICT centre and have to go and help in the learning centre in an hour. Will try and upload some photos onto the computer next time for you to see!
Lots of love,
Sister Lottie and Sister Megan xxxxxx