Catterline Las Posadas 2013

Las PosadasThis year the carved wooden Mary and Joseph figures will once again be making their journey around the community in the run up to Christmas.

As in previous years, they will stay in a different home each night. The next day, they will move on, and the host families will have an opportunity to meet and spend a little time together during the handover.

In previous years, host families have been given a tree decoration as a gift to remind them of Mary and Joseph’s visit. This year, we invite you to be creative and MAKE a tree decoration which represents some aspect of the Christmas story. The Los Posadas basket will contain some short sections of the Bible story to help with inspiration. You can make your decoration from anything you like, or use one of the wooden blanks which will be in the basket as a starting point.

All the decorations will be displayed on a tree at St Philip’s Church during our Christmas Carol service on 22nd December and during the following days. They may well feature in our Christmas morning service, too.

If you would like to join in with our community Christmas celebration, please phone Chris and Steph Rodger on 01569 750297, or 07715 567501 (Steph) or  email steph and we will fit you in on a date that suits you.

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