Spirit of Catterline to be Launched Next Weekend

The Spirit of Catterline At last! After finishing off some final details, Spirit of Catterline is now ready to be launched!

She will be on display at the Catterline Gala on Saturday 8th June, and will be launched on Sunday 9th at around 3:30 pm.

You are invited to come and watch her slip into the water. We also hope that we will be able to get several people into the boat to have a row.

As the road down to the harbour is closed, we are planning to walk the boat down to Catterline harbour on Sunday. Work is on-going on the road, so we will be checking that the road is passable on Friday. Please do not drive down to the harbour.

Massive thanks to all of everyone who has worked on the boat, whether for one or a hundred hours, and also those who have supported the project. Without you all, we would have never got so far.

We do hope you will enjoy rowing the boat.

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