News from the Boat Shed

Happy New Year! 

Progress has been slow over the last few months, but the boat is getting closer to completion.  It is only really the painting that still has to be done.

The big turnouts of the first part of the year did not happen this autumn.  We lost a few people due to other commitments and, I guess, cleaning the excess glue off the hull is never as much fun as adding another plank.  However a few souls have stuck at it and we now have a boat ready to be painted, along with a set of oars and a rudder.  The seats and gunwales have been oiled and the wood looks good.

We still need your help – especially painters

Boatbuilders are still meeting 2-5pm on Sunday afternoons

To get the boat painted, it would be great to get a midweek group going.  This could be either an evening session or during the day.  We have six coats of paint to put on the interior and external of the boat, along with rubbing down between coats.  With the large wood burner and insulation, the boat building shed is reasonably warm.

Please let me know if you are available mid-week, and when would suit you.  Hopefully, a time will work for a group of 3 or more people.

If, we get two groups working on Sundays and midweek, we could get the boat painted in 6 weeks.  With a little bit more fiddling about, we could be ready to row in the spring. 

Once we start rowing, all will be welcome to have a try at rowing.  You do not need to have spent hours boatbuilding to have a go.

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