Ready for the Gala and watching a Catterline boat builder in the Pageant

Thames Diamond Jubilee PageantNext Saturday afternoon, the unfinished and unnamed boat will be at the Gala.  Having inspected the boat, please help choose the boat’s name.  We will also have a work bench and a handful of planes for you to do a bit of boatbuilding.

The boat builders ventured out of the shed on Sunday afternoon to get a trailer for the boat's first journey and to cheer Brendan Hall on the River Thames.

Firstly Rob and Doug Mowat’s plastic fishing boat had to be lifted off the trailer.  In preparation it was cleaned out and the water drained out of the bilge.  After starting, using a pump, with three people sitting on the stern to tilt the boat, it was realised that the exercise could be completed by the propping the boat up and siphoning the bilge with a piece of hose pipe – allowing time for a bit of a tidy up in the shed.

Then the fishing boat was pushed into the boatshed, to be attached to the lifting gear.  Lewis King sitting in the boat lined up the hook and then lifted the fishing boat off the trailer using the chain gear lift.  The overhead trolley was then used to carry, nervously, the fishing boat over the rowing boat and to lower it at the far end of the boatshed.

Now the rowing boat could go on to the trailer.  The first task was to remove the chocks from under the boat.  With the cry of “chocks away”, the four adult boat builders lifted the boat. Lewis King pulled out the middle chock and then stopped to take off his hoodie before returning to the task, whilst there were increasing cries of "hurry up" as arm muscles started to hurt.  (Will these guys be up to racing the boat? Ed.) With the chocks cleared, it was an easy lift on to the trailer.

Time for tea in front of the telly to watch the Jubilee pageant.  The challenge was to spot our own Brendan Hall, who was in one of the Sea Cadet boats carrying the Maltese flag in front of the Queen’s boat.  Brendan was one of the Stonehaven crew who won the regional Sea Cadet rowing competition last year and were representing the Sea Cadets of Scotland, Wales and Northern England at the Jubilee Pageant.

Refreshed, it was time to glue the cox’s seat, which was carefully done by Tim Leitch and Stephen Hall – hopeful that they had done justice to Chris Anstock’s preparatory work.  Meanwhile Gary and Nick glued in the bow breast hook and the kabes on the starboard side. Lewis worked on the handle of one of the oars.

See you at the Gala.