The Boat Needs a Name

It is a been few weeks since the last update, and details of what has been going on in the boatshed are below.

But firstly, we need your help - the boat needs a name.

We are planning to choose the boat’s name at the Gala. The plan is for you to vote for your favourite name at the Gala. But beforehand, we need suggestions. Can you please send me your suggestions plus an explanation of why this should be the name of the Catterline Coastal Rowing boat. These will be displayed at the Gala, so that people can choose their favourite name.

The biggest excitement in April was the screening of a short piece on the project on STV news (about half way through)

Since Easter boat building turnouts have been low. Progress has therefore been a bit slower than perhaps hoped for. The boat will come to the Gala, but will not be ready to be launched. There will be some work that can be done at the Gala.

The thwarts (seats) are now ready to be glued. Work continues on the gunwales. The outer gunwales are in oak, courtesy of an off cast from the Buchan's extension. Some fiddly joinery has begun to create the cox’s seat and foot rest. There has also been a lot of cleaning up – which is quite time consuming.

Last week new recruit, John Brooks, spent the afternoon drawing out the lines for the oar handles. The measurements came from a racing oar mounted on a wall of a friend of Rob’s in Edinburgh.

Thanks to several people who have donated in the last few weeks. But we still need more…

Boat building sessions continue on Sunday afternoons (2pm). Even if you have not yet come along, we will gladly find something for you to do and let you have a boat builder’s biscuit (or a home baked slice of cake).