A wind turbine
The Gordons have formally submitted the planning application for their plan to build 4 wind turbines on their farm at Clochnahill. They spoke to the community council about their plan in January this year and also put on a display in Stonehaven Town Hall so people could view and discuss the plans first hand.
The details for the application are not on Aberdeenshire's website yet, but it is mentioned in the weekly list from last Friday (12th May 2006). On the same page in the weekly list is another application, this time for 3 turbines right next door to Clochnahill at Hillhead of Auquhirie. This application has been lodged on behalf of the "Auquirie Land Company Ltd", and according to the P&J they intend to install three MM70 machines with a hub height of 55m (90m blade tip height) and a combined output of 6MW. A spokesman for the company said "Our turbines, when set alongside the proposed Clochnahill turbines, will make more efficient use of the available landscape."
More details will appear here when they are known. In the mean time, you can occupy yourself by reading Aberdeenshire Council's Supplementary Planning Guidance for Wind Energy Developments.
Update 19 May 2006 : The documents for the Hillhead of Auquhirie windfarm can now be viewed online. See also this article in the Mearns Leader. Does anyone know how to pronounce "Auquhirie"? If you do, start a topic here and let us all know. I've a feeling we're all going to be saying it a lot in the very near future.
Update 18 May 2006 : The documents for the Clochnahill windfarm can now be viewed online.
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