Hammer Hall Humbles The Lord

Hammer Hall does a load of good for his points position with his first win of the season.

Match 1

First up were Ian 'the dart' and the Hustler. Ian got off to a good start, winning the bull-off. The game was close but Angus threw it away in the third leg as the pressure took its toll.

Next up were Bob the Bull and Stuart Sessions. First Shanghai of the evening went to Robert before Stuart even got a throw. "I'm up against it tonight. Robert is throwing like Jockey Wilson . . . what an athlete", said Stu, as Robert took the win.

First semi final was between the Hammer and Ian. Both players missed Shanghai chances in leg 1 which was eventually taken by Hall. The second leg went much the same way but Hall hit his purple patch in the third and took the win to secure his place in his first final. Kissing his darts in glory Steve commented “There's only one word for that - magic darts!"

Second semi was contested by Bob the Bull and the Lord of the arrows. A hush descended on the Creel as the pair lock swords. A mixture of erratic and accurate arrows from both players left them neck and neck with the Lord eventually winning through. Robert headed into the toilets and beat up the hand towel dispenser in frustration. "I've been burning the midnight oil at both ends to get ready for tonight but all to no avail" Robert seethed.

So to the first final of the evening. The Lord stepped up but his touch left him, playing darts like Stevie Wonder. Hammer Hall showed no mercy. "Its like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank" shouts the Sessions. "Stick it up ye!" exclaimed the Hammer in triumph. Nothing washes away the pain of defeat like the prospect of a decent pint and hot nuts and before long the Lord had bounced back.

Match 2

Angus the Hustler touched the Lord's shirt for inspiration and went on to win the first leg of the next game. Stu seemed to have changed out his specs for binoculars and mounted a challenge but it wasn't enough in the end.

Ian the dart and Hammer Hall were up shortly after. By the third leg the game was tied and they play the 8s to decide the winner which was taken by Ian with a double.

The final of Match 2 was between Ian and Angus. After a quick rule check Ian took an early lead. Angus fought hard to stay in contention and was equal to Ian's aeronautical skills. With the stakes so high by this point both players were playing for pride. Then from nowhere Ian 'the dart' was heard to shout "yes" and punched the air, signalling an end to the evenings poceedings.

Full scores will be posted here in the near future.

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