McKibbens throw true at latest Darts night!

 The Lord of the Arrows made his first appearance at the Creel’s darts evening yesterday - accompanied by his brother - and donned his lucky shirt to aid his throwing skills. The McKibben pair ended up winning both matches in a closely fought competition.
Commenting on the game, Byron thanked Robert for letting him borrow his darts. ‘Robert was a true sportsman by letting me have a loan of his arrows. In some small way he can take credit for the win. And a bit of luck was definitely on my side.’
‘The passionate support was a great boost - I think it’s fair to say that I won the crowd over and I want to thank them for their vocal encouragement’ he went on to say.
Stuart managed through to the final of the second match with an amazing 3 darts finish. The pressure was on but the darts flew true and straight. This was the build up to the clash of the McKibbens, The Lord of the Arrows against Stuart ‘the Hood’. ‘I think the pressure got to my younger bro at this point and he went off his game a bit,’ Stuart told our reporter.
But it hadn’t been all one way up to that point. Angus looked the more likely challenger for the final of the second match when he hit the bull when bulling up, but even the rowdy crowd wasn’t enough to see him prevail. Brendon was also leading his game but a couple of wire shots saw him concede. It was definitely a case of ‘Trebles for show, doubles for dough’ for Stuart B who came so close in both games and Ian’s trophy darts weren’t a match for Stephen’s bombs.
Highest score for match one went to Robert with a grand 140. Highest score for match two at a ton was shared by Robert and Angus.
The official results will be posted here in the next couple of days.

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