Ian and Angus share the honours

Three DartsIan ‘the dart’ dominated last night’s match with two fabulous games - a five and a four dart finish. First to be overwhelmed was the Lord of the Arrows, Byron, who barely had a chance to don his shirt when he was unceremoniously sent back to the bar to get in the next round. Ian set off with a double and continued to score. Byron got off the mark too but when Ian returned to the board he finished with two more darts! That was a taste of things to come.
Good darts were on display throughout the night. Stuart B confessed to a little dart maintenance during the week whereas Stephen struggled. ‘I didn't score very well, said Steve ‘because my darts were blunt. They were dropping out faster than players from an English cricket team!’
First final was a tantalising affair which saw Angus prevail. This result left Angus feeling just a tad guilty after having stolen money from wee boys as part of his practice on the way to his win. ‘Playing for money always sharpens your game and I had a couple of sessions during the week with some likely lads from the village.’ said Angus ‘the hustler’.
Neilie blamed his equipment but anyone who saw the competition knew there was no shame of "nil points" for his night. Sent home at 9.30pm with a sticky oot bottom lip, the question was would Robert be able to take full advantage. But it wasn’t to be. Robert was to face Ian in the next round and the tension was rising with both players struggling to start in the third leg. ‘It was relentless tonight’ said Ian before he sealed the win with a clinical 32.
A family affair was the setting for one semi-final. The double top looked like a magnet for the Lord until someone reversed the poles. Tommy the tank was quick to pounce. ‘I feel so chuffed’ exuded Tommy. ‘I suppose it was the toughest game of my career. There was a lot of pressure out there given my low points scoring to date. A few weeks ago I was nowhere. I didn’t play darts and only sharpened pencils for fun. Now I’ve pulled a few doubles I’ll practice them plenty before my next round.’
The practice wasn’t going to be enough to beat Ian 'the dart' who was on song by now. The opposition presented Tommy with a calculator but he had little time to use it as Ian raced to a 2-0 win and with a four dart check out on the last.
Full results will be posted in the next couple of days.

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