Catterline Coastal Rowing Project

There will be an informal meeting to discuss next step in Catterline Coastal Rowing Project in The Creel Inn, Sunday 24th Jan at 8pm. All welcome.

Picture courtesy of Chris PerkinsThere is an initiative to revive rowing amongst Scottish coastal communities.  In days gone by, there were regular races between communities.  This initiative is encouraging local groups to build their own boat.  How good would it be, to see a Catterline boat racing against other North East communities, with races for youth, elite, ladies and veterans.

There is a small group in Catterline who share the aspiration to build a boat for the community.  The boat would then be available for any group who want to row, whether simply for exercise or to take part in competitions.

A kit boat has been developed for 4 rowers and a helmsman, which would take approximately 6 months to build.  There is lots more information at The Scottish Coastal Rowing Project web site.

At the moment, we would like to hear from anybody who would like to be involved in this project either as a rower / boat builder / supporter.  We will also be looking to encourage neighbouring communities to do the same, so there is someone to race against. 

Assuming there is enough support, we will then be looking for a venue to build the boat and funding (the estimated cost is £3000).

If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact Rob Plummer


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I think this sounds like a

I think this sounds like a great idea.

There are a few other community coastal rowing projects that are already under way;


The blog of the Achiltibuie rowing skiff community project.

Greetings and a very Happy New Year to all in Catterline especially those starting to build a St Ayles Skiff, from all of us prospective builders and rowers in Achiltibuie, (bit north west of Ullapool on the North West coast. Good luck with your build and we hope to see you on the water before too long. I will add your link to our blog, if that is ok. Please add ours to your links. The name of the blog is 'Coigach Lass'- the name of our still-to-be-built-skiff! (Coigach being our wee peninsula in Wester Ross.)Please go to Thankyou, good luck and keep in touch! Cheers, Lesley Muir.

Hi Lesley - happy new year

Hi Lesley - happy new year to you too. We're still at a very early stage and are trying to gather support within the community. Things are looking good so far though and there does seem to be very worthwhile. There are some great ideas coming forward and the project is steadily gathering momentum.


Why not try and build another "Maggie Law" and have something that was

authentic and relative to the Catterline area coastline. 



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