Catterline Community Trust

Catterline BayOver the past few years we have expanded the Catterline Gala with the addition of the Cartie Challenge and the Talent Show, but recent legislation changes mean that, as well as taking on the extra work (which we don't mind), we are also taking on other financial and legal liabilities. In order to give us some form of protection, and also to put the Gala on a more solid foundation, we would like to set up a company limited by guarantee to run the Gala.
This will mean some internal organisational changes, as we'll need to become a properly constituted body with a memorandum and articles of association, plus directors and a company secretary, and we will need to submit annual accounts. However, these changes won't affect the running of the Gala itself and we'll continue to work in the same informal team as we do now.
Being a proper legal entity opens up some other interesting opportunities. As a company limited by guarantee we would make no payments to directors or shareholders, and so we could apply for charitable status. We would also become eligible for lottery funding, development grants, etc, which could help us to develop the Gala even further. Beyond that, we could also potentially offer help to other local groups and events by acting as an umbrella organisation that could secure funding for other community projects.
We're really enthusiastic about the idea as we think it'll open up some fantastic opportunities for us, and we're really keen to get your feedback and ideas too. You can leave your comments here on the website, or speak to any of the Gala Committee in person if you prefer. We'll be having a public meeting on Tuesday 16th January at 7.30pm in The Creel Inn to present our plan in a little more detail and to listen to what you think as well. We hope you'll be able to join us and find out some more about what we have in mind.