Local email for local people

Ever wished you could keep your email address when you change ISPs?
Well now you can.
You can have your very own exclusive* "@catterline.org" email address that you can use regardless of who your ISP is.
There are two options;
  • email forwarding : The simplest option - your @catterline.org address just redirects mail to wherever you normally receive your email, e.g. your yahoo, hotmail or ISP account. When you change your email address, you just change the forwarding address on @catterline.org instead of having to tell everyone to update their address books (which they never do anyway).
  • POP3 mailbox : The slightly geeky option - you download your email from the server just like normal using Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Thunderbird or whatever email program you prefer. You can access your email via the web.
@catterline.org addresses don't have to be used for personal email addresses - you can use them for organisations such as gala@..., carties@..., etc, or even temporary addresses for specific events. The advantage of this are that you can control where the email is redirected to so that you keep a consistant contact address even though the actual recipient will change from time to time.
If you'd like a @catterline.org address or if you have any questions, just send me an email.
* @catterline.org addresses are available only to local individuals, famillies and organisations.
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